Details/Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s world of ever increasing prescription copays and high gas prices, LEFAVE PHARMACY has the solution for you!

With our EXTENDED FILL GENERIC DRUG PROGRAM, you can get 100 day, six month, or twelve months supply of many generic medications for $22, $37, $70 dollars. The more you buy, the more you save.

What’s more, we will even ship it to your door! Shipping is free for 6 month supplies or more ($8 for all others)!

“Easy! There are a number of ways”

Just call us at 1-877-588-7868 and give us your Prescription number, previous pharmacy name with their phone number, along with your information and mailing address and we will do the rest. You could also have your doctor’s office call us with new prescriptions for your medications, or you can communicate with is via email with all the information needed or with questions to


We take refill requests via telephone, online at (set up an account under the “REFILL PRESCRIPTION” tab), and through our smart phone mobile app Rx2Go (available in the iphone app store or google play store). You may also sign up for our RxSync program and have your refills done automatically. Please ask for details! We also except electronic refill prescriptions that can be sent directly from your doctors office!

Bystolic® Livalo® Crestor®
Benicar® Avapro® Diovan®
Atacand® Aciphex® Nexium®

While most of these drugs are not available in a generic form, they DO have cousins, often in the same class of drugs, that are available as a generic. All you need to do is click here, print this form, take it to your doctor’s office and ask them to write you a new prescription for the medication that is similar to your current medication.