About Us

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Progressive. Professional. Personal.

LeFave Pharmacy & Compounding: your innovative, family pharmacy. Caring about you and the community since 1976 and voted #1 Pharmacy!

At LeFave Pharmacy & Compounding, we pride ourselves in not only providing for all your prescription needs. We also provide comprehensive, cutting-edge services to keep you healthy. We're dedicated to serving our customers in the Alpena, Posen, Lachine, Herron, Presque Isle, Rogers City, Ossineke, Spruce, Hubbard Lake, Lincoln, and Harrisville communities. Our customers can expect:

  • Quick, efficient, affordable and reliable service
  • Convenient online refill app
  • All medications available for same day pickup-synchronization
  • Convenient drive-thru window
  • Delivery service available
  • Public transportation vouchers available
  • We accept most insurance plans, too!

We are here to answer your questions!

Our Team


Dr. Kristine Spicer, PharmD

Kristine is the owner of LeFave Pharmacy and has been a pharmacist here since graduating with her doctorate degree in pharmacy from Ferris State University. She specializes in women health, compounding and medication/adherence management.


Dr. Alex Senchuk, PharmD

Alex is one of our compounding pharmacists and graduated with his doctorate in pharmacy from Ferris State University.


Dr. Jaime Cadarette, PharmD

Jaime is one of our staff pharmacists and has a doctorate degree in pharmacy from Ferris State University.


Future pharmacist!


Kassi Kraft, CPhT

Kassi has worked at LeFave Pharmacy as a certified pharmacy technician for over 25 years. She has worked in every single position but finds herself these day running our synchronization and med packaging programs.


Becky Souva, CPhT

Becky has been a certified pharmacy technician with LeFave pharmacy for almost 20 years. You will find her working in our medication synchronization and packaging programs.


Mindy Blackaby, CphT

Mindy is a certified pharmacy technician who works in our synchronization department.

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Kya Villarreal, CPhT

Kya is a certified pharmacy technician and our office manager/administrative assistant.


Phil Wickstrom, CPhT

Phil is a certified pharmacy technician who specializes in compounding, medication therapy management and is our in house medicare enrollment specialist.


Alan Berry, CPhT

Alan is a certified pharmacy technician and is our medication packaging specialist. He runs and operates the technology that allows us to provide our packaging services.

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Barb Beaulieu, Technician

Barb is a pharmacy technician and delivery driver extraordinaire. Her nickname is "Zoom Zoom."


Kristin Neuman, Technician

Kristin is a certified pharmacy technician who works in multiple areas of the pharmacy including medication synchronization, sales, and delivery.


Karen Altman, RN

Karen is our registered nurse and patient care specialist. You can find her providing vaccines, testing and patient counseling. She also takes care of all our boo boo’s.


Danyeal Dorr, CPhT

Danyeal is a certified pharmacy technician and our out front manager. She takes care of our special orders and makes sure we are in stock of all necessary nutritional supplements and products.


Lisa Orban

Lisa is a pharmacy technician and one the newest members of our staff. She is the staff “baseball mom.”


Patrick Attwell

Patrick is a pharmacy technician as well, working on his certification. He is our staff comedy relief. If you know him, you know!


Caitlyn Campbell

Caitlyn is our part time certified pharmacy technician. She is one of our vaccinating technicians who does home visits. She is currently in training to become a cosmetologist and will eventually make that her career.


Ava Shriner

Ava is our part time certified pharmacy technician. She has been with us for several years and is about to start her pharmacy college career in the fall of 2022, which will make her our pharmacy intern!