pharmacist holding blister packs
September 20, 2023

Our Michigan pharmacy does much more than provide standard prescription fills and over-the-counter products. We are your one-stop shop for all things health and wellness; plus, we offer consultations and individualized care for the whole family, even your pets! Check out some of the services we offer the community:

1. RX Sync

pharmacist giving customer their prescriptions

We take care of prescription fills and refills quickly and efficiently, but now there’s even more convenience to picking up your prescriptions. We offer RX Sync so you only have to make one trip to the pharmacy! This system is designed to have all of your prescriptions filled and ready to go on the same day every month. It’s the best way to manage your prescriptions!

2. Multi-Dose Packaging

We understand how difficult it can be to organize your medications and remember what to take and when. That’s why our Michigan pharmacy offers multi-dose packaging! This convenient Med Pak organizes your pills by date and time, is clearly labeled and securely sealed, is easy to open, and is convenient for both travel and everyday use. You won’t regret signing up for this service; it makes managing your medications so much simpler!

3. Compounding Services

pills, creams, and injections

As a compounding pharmacy, we can customize a medication, whether by changing the dosage strength or form, to fit your needs perfectly. Some of the areas in which compounding is helpful are pain management, dermatology, dental, pediatric, veterinary, hospice care, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and more. These compounded medications are formulated in our state-of-the-art lab by licensed, skilled pharmacists.

4. Immunizations

COVID-19 vaccines and other important immunizations are available at our Alpena Michigan pharmacy. Walk-ins are more than welcome, and we even offer vaccination on-location services for local businesses, schools, and groups. A few immunizations we have on hand include the flu, shingles, pneumonia, meningitis, hepatitis, and Tdap.

5. Free Vitamins for Kids

young girl holding a blue pill

That’s right! LeFave Pharmacy provides free vitamins for kids between the ages of 5 and 12. No purchase is necessary for your child to receive a 30-day supply of our pharmacy-brand multivitamin. It’s easy to sign up, and you’ll receive a text notification each month when your child’s vitamins are ready to be picked up.

6. Medical Equipment

Our Michigan pharmacy proudly offers the largest selection of home medical equipment in the state. In addition, we pride ourselves on having the most affordable prices possible. You can find canes, walkers, knee walkers, lift chairs, nursing supplies, bathroom safety products, anti-inflammatory sleeves, compression socks, and other support products for daily living. Our staff can answer any questions and also help order custom items such as catheters and ostomy supplies.

7. Long-Term Care

long term care

We are labeled as a long-term care pharmacy (LTCP), meaning that we consult with local nursing homes and other long-term care facilities and provide them with exceptional pharmacy services. Not only do we ensure patients get their medications promptly, but we also deliver emergency medications if and when they are needed.

8. Women’s Health Consults

Another area in which we can provide personalized services is consultations for women’s health, including menopause care. We are passionate about educating women about their options during this stage of life. We will talk with you about hormone replacement therapy, its risks and benefits, and whether it could be the right treatment option for you. Simply reach out to us, and we will get started!

Now you know some of the services we offer at our Michigan pharmacy! Take a look at a few additional services we provide, and feel free to stop by anytime. We look forward to serving you!