Pharmacist with MedPak
May 13, 2024

Partnering with an independent pharmacy like ours has many perks, including this customized service we call Med Paks, a med synchronization and multi-dose packaging system that makes your life a little easier. If you take multiple prescriptions or have a complex medicine schedule, then you will definitely want to know about this service. But really, anyone can benefit from using it! Read on to learn more about med synchronization!

What is med synchronization?

med synchronization

Medication synchronization manages your prescription medications without you having to do a thing! It eliminates the need to pick up your meds from the pharmacy multiple times a month. All of your prescriptions are synced and refilled at the same time, so you can come once and get all of them together. We take it a step further by offering you Med Paks, multi-dose pill packaging that combines all of your daily meds in simple packets. Each is labeled for your morning, afternoon, or evening pills, along with dosing instructions and the time/date.

Benefits of Med Sync

If you are tired of dealing with multiple pill bottles and organizers and refilling your prescriptions multiple times a month, then it is time to get synced! Here are a few ways med synchronization can benefit you:

  1. Improves medication adherence and safety - never worry about missing a dose or refilling a pill organizer again!
  2. Boosts efficiency for both the patient and pharmacy - not only do you have to make fewer trips to pick up meds each month, but med sync also allows our pharmacy to work proactively and better prioritize our own work.
  3. Reduces burden on caregivers - managing doctor’s visits, medication lists, and basic everyday needs can be overwhelming, and med synchronization helps take a bit of that load off of your mind.

About LeFave Pharmacy’s Med Paks

Med Paks takes the stress and work of keeping up with your prescriptions and places that on our pharmacy instead. We will make sure all of your meds are up-to-date and refilled automatically so you never run out of your necessary medications. Our Med Paks are:


  • Easy-to-open packets
  • Organized by date and time
  • Securely sealed and clearly labeled
  • Preprinted reminders for liquid meds and inhalers
  • Ideal for travel as well as everyday use
  • Available for pickup on the same day each month OR have them delivered at no extra charge! (local delivery only - 60-mile radius)

We can also include custom protocol specific vitamin paks in addition to your prescription medication, so you have everything you need all in one easy and practical way. And the best part? Our Med Pak service is completely free!

Learn more about our pharmacy in Alpena MI, and get in touch with us today about getting signed up for our med synchronization and Med Pak adherence packaging. We look forward to hearing from you!