weight loss program
April 12, 2024

Weight loss is a hot topic, especially given the recent success many people are seeing from GLP-1 drugs such as semaglutide. We understand the complexities and struggles of losing weight, so we have created a comprehensive weight management program with detailed nutrition, exercise, progress tracking, natural supplementation, and compounded semaglutide. Keep reading to get all the details about what to expect and how to get started!

LeFave’s Weight Management Program Overview

At our independent pharmacy, we are passionate about helping people be the healthiest version of themselves. Our team goes beyond filling a prescription for a weight loss medication and sending you on your way. We have designed a thorough, customized program that will be challenging but also rewarding. Our pharmacist-guided plan gives you the tools and accountability to achieve long-term success and learn healthy lifestyle habits that will benefit you now and later. Here is our comprehensive weight loss program at a glance:

nutrition consultation

  • A 3-month program with multiple in-person check-ins.
  • Your first month’s semaglutide prescription and any additional supplements are provided at no extra cost.
  • We also provide a 90-day journal to track your progress.
  • You’ll have access to our in-house bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology.
  • Our pharmacists include nutrition, exercise, and other healthy tips to give you a solid foundation for optimal results and improved overall health.


Our Step-By-Step Guide To Weight Loss

1. 7 Day Detox

We give you a 7-day detox to jumpstart the process. Why? A sugar detox and other eliminations help to prepare your body for weight loss while supporting gut health. It’s one of the keys to long-term success!

2. Body Composition Analysis

During the initial consultation and monthly check-ins, we will use our bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to show your progress outside of a number on the scale. It reveals in-depth information regarding fat distribution, emphasizing reducing dangerous visceral fat as well as total body, water, muscle, and fat analysis.

3. Wellness Journaling

The inside is just as important as the outside, and we want to help you feel empowered every step along your weight loss journey. We ask you to commit to using a 90-day journal and document food intake, activity levels, energy, water intake, and more. That way, we can look for areas of improvement and celebrate small wins, as well as larger milestones.

4. Progress Tracking

Our weight management program includes all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, from consistent exercise to proper nutrition. During your in-person visits throughout the program, we help you lay a foundation of simple habits and healthy changes to optimize your health not just for immediate weight loss results but for long-lasting wellness!

5. Compounded Semaglutide & Supplements

We take weight loss medications seriously, ensuring you are a good candidate for the drug and understand how to use it safely. Our pharmacists use an affordable semaglutide base that’s much more cost-effective than many commercially available injectables. With our medicine compounding services, we can create customized doses and make sublingual suspensions (oral liquid placed on the tongue) or liquid injections. We also utilize this treatment option for only 90 days and will conduct a thorough evaluation to approve continued use.

Other products we may incorporate into your weight management program include natural pharmaceutical-grade supplements backed by science. Our Weight Management Bundle features:


  • Berberine MAX: dihydroberberine (DHB) is a highly bioavailable form of berberine that benefits blood glucose metabolism.
  • FiberLEAN: Shimizu Propol® is a pure, natural soluble fiber called propolmannan. This fiber can support satiety, weight control, glucose and lipid metabolism, and bowel regularity.
  • ProbioLEAN: HOWARU® Shape Bifidobacterium animalis subsplactis B420 is a well-tolerated and effective probiotic strain that can improve gut barrier function, support body fat mass reduction, and encourage less calorie consumption.

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey Today

Are you ready to take the first step towards better health? You’re in the best hands when you choose LeFave Pharmacy & Compounding. We are always willing to answer your questions and help you find the most effective solutions for your health concerns. Our top priority is to help you take control of your health and achieve your weight loss goals. Don’t wait any longer to get started – contact us about our weight management program today!